Active Cooling on the Oshkosh JLTV

Shortly after Aspen developed our ruggedized Environmental Control System for the WIN-T program in 2010, Special Operations Command began using Aspen’s ECUs to cool critical electronics on their MATV’s. These vehicles were extensively deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 1000 of the Aspen ECU-550’s proved their worth through years of successful deployments in harsh, off road conditions on the Oshkosh supplied MATV’s, a smaller Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle designed for improved mobility.

When the MATV’s came in for a reset, and over 300 replacement ECU-550 units were required, we received this note from the procuring organization.

“It was a pleasure doing business with Aspen Systems in the procurement and delivery of the 350 ECU systems. Of note was the exceptional communication between your team members, myself and with my staff.

– All systems were delivered in perfect condition. I have not received any quality issues from the field pertaining to the ECUs.

– The delivery was exceptional. Again, the communication between your team and my staff made for an easy shipment and receipt process. I truly appreciate the effort into getting these to us with zero issues/concerns. The delivery schedule was met with no delays.

– Your sales team exceeded all expectations. There were no issues in getting the quote, the concurrence of the T&Cs and acceptance of the Purchase Order. Everything was in place and on order in short order with no issues.

I was very impressed and pleased with the entire procurement process and superb professionalism of your entire staff. Let me know if there is anything else you need from me.”

Pat Milton, PMP
Program Manager, SOCOM MRAP FOV
ManTech International Corporation

With this long history of success, it was a natural and risk-free choice for Oshkosh Defense to choose the ECU-550 for electronics kits integrated into the communication systems of the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). Initially, the standard ECU-550 systems were utilized on the development program. However, after the initial evaluation and assessment phases, it was determined that certain features were not required to meet the specifications for the JLTV application. Additionally, Oshkosh asked Aspen modify the standard ECU to help them be competitive in their bid to win the production contract.

Aspen Engineers went to work, modifying the design to reduce cost and meet the requirements of the JLTV program. All while maintaining the high reliability, efficient and effective cooling system that the SOCOM predecessors so valued from the ECU-550. These changes were accomplished in record time and quickly put into production as Oshkosh won the production contract for the JLTV program. These units have proven to be extremely reliable, with only one warranty return since the beginning of the program. Aspen now supplies these modified COTS ECUs at the rate of 1,000 to 2,000 units per year to Oshkosh Defense.

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