Skin and Laser Cooling in Dominion’s EON Body Sculpting System

We talked with Dr. John Daly, CTO and father of the EON System from Dominion Aesthetics.

“Our goal was to develop a novel non-contact laser aesthetics system for fat removal,” Daly said. A laser beam is directed to the patient’s mid-section, which heats the fat cells, and air jets cool the skin for patient comfort. The system uses multiple diode lasers with fiber delivery and is rated at 150 Watts of laser output in the near infrared at 1,060 nm. “Laser diodes were selected as they are incredibly small, require no maintenance and are by far the most efficient laser source with a wall plug efficiency of about 50%,” explained Daly. The lasers heat the fat cells to a temperature between 42 and 51°C. At that temperature, it affects the DNA and causes the fat cells to slowly break down.

Daly further shared, “We had two different cooling requirements, one for the laser and one for the air jets for skin cooling with a delivered temperature of 0°C. Looking at off-the-shelf cooling systems, they were far too bulky to fit within our console. We found Aspen Systems to be the ideal partner we needed to solve both of our cooling requirements. We started working with Aspen about four years ago. They are experts in miniature refrigeration systems and designed custom solutions for our disparate applications.”

Tim Scott, Director of Engineering, commented, “Based on Dominion’s need for small size, low noise and high reliability, we developed a direct refrigerant or direct expansion cold plate to cool the laser diodes. Typically, chillers cool water that then flows through the laser cold plate, where the diodes are mounted. With direct expansion cooling, the refrigerant flows directly through the cold plate thus eliminating the need for a heat exchanger, circulating pump and liquid reservoir. The size and weight are halved and requires no user maintenance. We supply systems in the medical device and aesthetics industries where we are either cooling the laser or cooling the patient, the Dominion EON is the first platform where we cool both.”

Daly stated, “The exposure area from the laser is large, 50mm x 50mm, which allows us to complete the treatment in as little as 20 minutes. We developed a patent pending skin cooling head to cover the large treatment area with multiple cold jets. Again, Aspen Systems came through with a direct refrigerant sub-system which we integrated into our design.”

EON scans and maps the patient’s topography to allow the robotic arm to move across the region to be treated in a race track pattern. The client lays on the table–and because it is non-contact–they simply raise their shirt. After the procedure, there are no post treatment effects or massages required.

Daly finished with, “We have the best cooling system in the industry based on the Aspen Systems’ cooling solutions.”

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