Medical and Medical Device Cooling Applications

Many medical devices and procedures require active thermal management to maintain equipment, lasers, optics, electronics, power supplies, and even patient skin and internal temperatures within desired ranges. Lasers are used extensively in modern medical devices for procedures in dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, and aesthetics. Medical device designers and manufacturers have a requirement to keep the equipment size, noise, and power consumption minimized while incorporating thermal management systems. Aspen Systems has been developing and manufacturing cooling systems for medical devices for many years that are compact for direct integration into the medical device console yet provide powerful levels of cooling while operating at high efficiency to reduce heat rejection in the operating room, clinic, or doctor’s office. Aspen’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System ensures our products are developed and manufactured to the highest standards required in the medical device industry while delivering the high reliability our customers demand. Below are just a few examples of how Aspen has helped our customers achieve success in medical applications and provide them with a competitive advantage.

Cooler Heads Partners with Aspen to Make Advancements in Chemotherapy

  • Cooler Heads developed Amma™, the only portable, FDA-cleared scalp cooling unit available, to prevent or reduce hair loss in cancer patients
  • Amma™ is designed to be portable and wholly self-administered by the patient
  • Aspen Systems provides custom cooling solutions to ensure Cooler Heads can continue supporting cancer patients’ needs

Skin and Laser Cooling in Dominion’s EON Body Sculpting System

  • Dominion developed a new laser aesthetic system for body sculpting called the EON.
  • The EON is unique in being non-contact. It, however, required both cooling of the laser source and cooling of the skin during the treatment.
  • Aspen Systems provided highly reliable and compact direct refrigerant or direct expansion systems to meet their needs.

Miniature Cooling in Laser Hair Removal Systems

  • Wavemed has developed a tabletop laser hair removal system.
  • They needed an ultra-compact liquid chiller to cool the laser diodes.
  • Aspen Systems LCM-600 ideally met their requirements.

Cold Caps for Hair Preservation for Chemotherapy Patients

  • Scalp cooling has been effective in preventing hair loss as an undesirable side effect of chemotherapy.
  • Frozen gel caps have been used, however, they do not last long so a large supply must be kept frozen and changed out frequently throughout the treatment which becomes onerous on the clinic’s staff.
  • Large, stationary console vapor compression cooling units have been developed but require the patient to remain in the treatment chair for up to eight hours, reducing the number of patients the clinic can treat.
  • Welkins LLC has incorporated Aspen Systems’ unique miniature refrigeration technology into their small, portable cooling unit to provide uninterrupted treatment and patient mobility.

Integrated Cooling for Medical Aesthetics

  • Lasers are used in medical aesthetics applications for various procedures.
  • Although typically low in power, either the patient’s skin or the laser itself often needs cooling.
  • Aspen working closely with our customer, developed an efficient, quiet, shoe-box-sized chiller subassembly to integrate directly into our customer’s medical device.

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