Cooling of 9kW Battery Storage System

The battery storage system provides 9kW of power for operation in high-temperature environments.  Battery performance and life are adversely affected when operated in high ambient conditions.  Furthermore, the batteries are thermally stressed during charging.  Aspen Systems is able to provide a solution for an active thermal management platform to cool the bank of batteries with Aspen’s new ECU-1800, cold air system.

According to Mark Lucas, VP of Sales for ZeroBase, “We partnered with Aspen Systems because of their expertise in refrigeration systems and long history in military applications.”

The ZeroBase® EMPAC™ 9kW Hybrid Power System (HPS) is a ruggedized military trailer system capable of providing clean, well-regulated power while increasing the efficiency of power generators, supplying backup power in the event of a loss of generator availability and providing extended silent operations.

The 9kW trailered HPS is designed to meet MIL-810 environmental and mechanical specifications to support use in extremely harsh environments across the globe.


  • Weapons and Observation systems
  • Temporary shelters
  • Expeditionary power needs
  • Rapid deployment missions
  • Mobile command centers
  • Support for unreliable power grid

Jim Burnett, Business Development Director – Aspen Systems said, “We have fielded over 3,000 Environmental Control Units (ECU’s over the last 10 years to ensure the operation of vital military C4ISR mobile communications systems.  Our systems have been deployed on the WIN-T, MATV (among others) and recently adopted by the JLTV program.  We are delighted to work with ZeroBase to support their uninterruptible power supplies in mission critical applications.”

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