Not surprisingly, several manufacturers are ditching water lines and pumps for Aspen’s Direct Refrigerant Cooling Solution. Using water is the top reason for system failure. Here’s how it works:

Aspen’s team of engineers recognized a pattern of failures among devices that use cooling systems with water lines and pumps. These parts of the system would leak and introduce water to the electrical components resulting in total device failure. 

Our team designed and developed a cooling system that eliminates the need for water lines and pumps, increasing the efficiency and lifespan of your device. The cold plate that is attached is completely customizable to your specifications. This includes orientation, size, and mounting.

In the figure above, you can see that our DX System is 44% more efficient while providing a compact size.

In addition to being more efficient, our DX system has a reduced bill of materials because of the elimination of the pump, reservoir, and water lines. Having fewer materials equates to less maintenance and potential downtime for your device and an increase in the median time between failures by about 70,000 hours. Typically, the first part to fail is the water pumps that average 20,000-30,000 hour life.

Laser Focus World is a leading publication in the field of laser technology and photonics, and they award a number of products and technologies each year through their “Innovators Awards” program. 

In 2022, a panel of expert judges awarded our DX cooling with the forum’s highest honor, a gold Innovators Award, for developing a robust system designed with enhanced reliability and smaller size, all in a lightweight package that is easily integrated with electronics.

Our partner, EKSPLA, was honored to receive a gold Innovators Award for their SYLOS series of industrial femtosecond lasers that integrate our DX Cooling System as well.

According to Laser Focus World, the SYLOS laser system stood out among the many entries they received for the Innovators Awards due to its impressive technical specifications, reliability, and its versatility. They also noted that EKSPLA has a strong reputation in the field of laser technology. 

Both Aspen’s Direct Refrigerant System and EKSPLA’s SYLOS laser system are testaments of a commitment to innovation and excellence.