Aspen Systems Corporate Overview

Aspen Systems specializes in high performance, miniature Vapor Compression Refrigeration systems. See in the video above, a review of Aspen’s technology and capabilities

(Run time: 2 min, 34 sec).

Advantages of Direct Refrigeration Cooling

Direct refrigeration cooling or direct expansion cooling offers many advantages including the highest efficiency and highest cooling power. Click the video to learn more

(Run time: 1 min, 55 sec).

How Vapor Compression Refrigeration Works

Are you wondering how vapor compression refrigeration works? This educational video, uses the vapor compression refrigeration cycle diagram to explain the physics of phase change heat transfer

(Run time: 3 min).

Adam Savage Tests Aspen

Adam Savage of Myth Busters and Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel uses Aspen’s miniature compressor to build a cooled suit

(Run time: 1 min, 26 sec).
Click here to see the unedited video.

Direct Refrigerant Cooling in Lasers

EKSPLA, a major manufacturer of industrial ultrafast lasers for micromachining has integrated a direct refrigerant (direct expansion) cooling system from Aspen Systems into their new FemtoLux 30 laser

(Run time: 2 min, 41 sec).

Temperature Studies on Pollinators

We talk with Dr. Victor Gonzalez of University of Kansas about his fascinating research into climate change and temperature effects on bees as well as other vital pollinators.

(Run time: 4 min, 48 sec).

Cooling in Laser Aesthetics

Dominion Aesthetics new EON body contouring system has direct refrigerant (direct expansion) cooling from Aspen Systems to cool not only the laser diodes but the patient’s skin.

(Run time: 1 min, 38 sec).

Liquid Chiller Module

Rick & Jill discuss Aspen’s line of Liquid Chiller Modules (LCM).

(Run time: 2 min, 52 sec).

Fact or Fiction, How Vapor Compression (VC) compares to Peltier or Thermoelectric Chillers (TEC)

Temperature Tolerance

We talk with Jim Burnett, Director of Business Development at Aspen Systems to discuss the temperature stability of Vapor Compression cooling.

(Run time: 2 min, 49 sec).

Cooling Efficiency

Jim Burnett explains the high efficiency of compressor based cooling

(Run time: 2 min, 56 sec).


How can VC actually be quieter than TEC? Jim and Jill explain.

(Run time: 2 min, 33 sec).

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