As the world grapples with the urgent need for environmental sustainability, the refrigeration industry finds itself at a pivotal crossroads. With refrigeration regulations tightening and environmental concerns escalating, companies must embrace eco-friendly alternatives to traditional refrigerants. Enter Aspen Systems, a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable cooling solutions.

Aspen Systems has been tracking the worldwide switch to low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants for many years.  With our long history of innovation in cooling systems, including efficient heat exchangers, cutting edge compressor development, and advanced cooling control, we are well prepared to bring this expertise to our customers who need to meet the low GWP deadlines rapidly approaching

With a significant percentage of our customer base exporting systems to the European Union we have been in the process of informing out customers on the impending changes for years.  One of the promising refrigerants with very low GWP is R290, or propane.  This is an efficient refrigerant that typically requires around 50% the mass of the refrigerants it is replacing such as R134a at the same cooling capacity.

There are refrigeration regulations governing the shipment of propane-based refrigeration systems by air; the maximum amount of propane a shipped system can contain is 100 grams.  This means that systems containing more than 100 grams of propane must be shipped by sea which can be prohibitively expensive for logistics, timing, and cost for these products.  All of Aspen’s liquid chiller modules are qualified to ship by air and come with the same standard warranty. In addition, the only compressors available that are UL rated for use with propane as a refrigerant are the Aspen Systems lineup of small compressors.  We have been working with our customer base to make the switch from refrigerants such as R134a to propane for several years now. 

But our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the choice of refrigerant. Aspen Systems is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to regulatory compliance. Whether it’s adhering to EU’s refrigeration regulations or anticipating global shifts in refrigeration legislation, we take proactive measures to ensure that our operations meet the highest environmental standards.

Aspen Systems is uniquely qualified to develop cooling system for your product that will meet your requirements using propane or one of the other low GWP compliant refrigerants.  Talk to an expert as Aspen Systems today to learn how we can provide you with a state of the art advanced cooling system that will meet today’s requirements and build a stronger cleaner and greener future. 

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