Custom Systems

Don’t see what you need in our standard product lineup, no problem, we can develop a custom solution to meet your specifications. Our process can be robust enough to meet the requirements of our medical and military customers, or toned down to meet less stringent requirements for other applications. Just let us know your requirements and we will work closely with your engineering team to develop a specification, provide a prototype, and manufacture a product that meets your precise requirements. What you get from us is the full attention of our design and development team with well over 100 years of refrigeration system design experience and the benefit of our world class refrigeration manufacturing facility. We have a thorough design and test process that will assure you that you receive the quality others who have gone this route now expect from Aspen Systems.

Concept Prototype Production

We can develop provide a prototype system in short order so your team can vet the solution for your application efficiently and effectively. We fully support the integration and will be there for you every step of the way. Once the prototype has been tested and any required changes are identified we develop, with your team, a finalized design ready to integrate into your product on your manufacturing line. What you get from us is a customized cooling system optimized for your product, that is tested, manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility, with Aspen Quality built in throughout the process.

The advantages of going the custom route are that you get to determine the requirements that are important for your product. We bring the full weight of our experience to bear on the effort and you obtain a solution that is unique to you, meets your technical, production, and quality requirements. We can tailor the solution for size, weight, temperature accuracy, capacity, or some other requirement important to your application.

We break down the solutions by evaporator type. We have developed solutions for liquid cooling where the secondary cooling medium is a liquid such as water glycol, direct refrigerant solutions for applications where we run the refrigerant directly through the cold plate and air-cooling solutions similar to a miniature conditioner that dehumidify and cool an enclosure. The trade-offs between these technologies is found here, in our technology section.

How to get started
To start the process, the more we know about your application the better we can serve you. We will ask a series of questions that will include but not be limited to the following.

1. Can you describe what you are looking to achieve?
2. What is cooling load?
3. What is the cold side temperature?
4. What are we cooling; Air, Water loop, cold plate directly?
5. Size constraint?
6. Any other constraints?
7. What is the anticipated production volume?
8. What is the required production price point?

From this, we begin the process of developing the spec and a custom cooling solution for you.

Contact us to get started for our advice and evaluation of your project.