Aspen Systems Awarded Phase I SBIR to Improve Personal Cooling Systems

Marlborough, MA – Aspen Systems, Inc. has been

awarded a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I contract from the United States Air Force to improve the efficacy of personal cooling systems. Aspen will couple the technological breakthroughs of its lightweight personal cooling system with a modified garment that causes enhanced cooling by using vasodilation, a natural response of the human body.  By optimizing system efficiency with the body’s physiological efficiency, the designed personal cooling system will significantly reduce power consumption while improving total cooling performance.  This product could reduce size, weight, and power consumption of future personal cooling systems.

About Aspen Systems
Aspen Systems, Inc., founded in 1984, has been developing innovative and advanced technologies in diverse areas and selling related products around the world through spinoffs, subsidiaries and business units. Currently, Aspen is concentrating on creating and providing fractional horsepower and distributed thermal management solutions for use in extreme environments and unique applications. Compact, lightweight cooling systems for a broad range of applications are made possible by using the world’s smallest refrigeration compressors developed by Aspen. These compact cooling systems are geared for telecom equipment, military electronics transit cases, medical and laboratory equipment, over-clocking computers, server farms, personnel, etc.  Our compact refrigeration systems provide high efficiency cooling with low power consumption to meet the challenges of our customer’s demanding needs.  Learn more at

Aspen Systems Contact:
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