Aspen Systems and Dr. Kang P. Lee Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame

Colorado Springs, CO, – On April 19, 2012 Aspen Systems, Inc. (represented by Drs. Kang P. Lee, and Jae Ryu), along with Aspen Aerogels, Inc., an Aspen Systems spinoff (represented by Dr. George Gould), and NASA Kennedy Space Center (represented by James Fesmire) were inducted by the Space Foundation into the Space Technology Hall of Fame as Innovating Organizations and Individual Innovators.  The induction is based on the  innovative efforts by Aspen, Lee and others to develop and commercialize Superinsulating Flexible Aerogel products after seven decades of unsuccessful attempts to commercialize practical aerogel products by others around the world.  Aspen’s feat is being recognized by the Space Foundation as “an outstanding example of applying space technology for the betterment of life on Earth.”

The technology for manufacturing aerogels was originally developed at Aspen Systems starting in 1993 with a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research contract award from NASA Kennedy Space Center.   The success of that effort and its follow-on NASA contracts resulted in the formation of the spinoff company Aspen Aerogels, Inc. in 2001.  Aspen Aerogels, Inc. presently produces and sells superinsulating flexible aerogel products worldwide.

“It is an honor for Aspen Systems and each of us to be inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame,” says Dr. Kang P. Lee, Chairman and President of Aspen Systems, Inc.  “A lot of hard work has gone into and continues to go into developing new innovative technologies and products with global benefits in mind.”

About Aspen Systems
Aspen Systems, Inc., founded in 1984, has been developing innovative and advanced technologies in diverse areas and selling related products around the world through spinoffs, subsidiaries and business units. Currently, Aspen is concentrating on creating and providing fractional horsepower and distributed thermal management solutions for use in extreme environments and unique applications. Compact, lightweight cooling systems for a broad range of applications are made possible by using the world’s smallest refrigeration compressors developed by Aspen and produced by Aspen Compressor, a subsidiary of Aspen. These compact cooling systems are geared for telecom equipment, military electronics transit cases, medical and laboratory equipment, over-clocking computers, server farms, personnel, etc.  Our compact refrigeration systems provide high efficiency cooling with low power consumption to meet the challenges of our customer’s demanding needs.  Learn more at

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