Aspen Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of unique cooling systems based on technology we have perfected over three decades. While our approach uses standard proven vapor compression technology, we are unmatched in offering our partners these five main advantages.


We offer custom-designed and manufactured solutions optimized to meet our partners’ specific requirements in relatively low production volumes from low hundreds to low thousands of units per year at reasonable prices.


Based on our own in-house developed, variable-speed, miniature compressors, we provide the smallest packaged cooling solutions with the highest cooling capacity possible allowing our partners to easily integrate our thermal solutions into small spaces inside their console, chassis, or device.


With tens of thousands of cooling units in service worldwide from MedTech to military applications, our products have proven durability. Aspen’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System ensures highly reliable systems with less maintenance and fewer service calls.


Aspen’s products, with high efficiency, variable speed, brushless DC motor compressor, have demonstrated higher efficiency than any other compact thermal solution on the market using only one-fifth of the energy consumption compared to competing systems.


While our thermal systems are small, often less than a shoebox, our cooling capacity is not. Powered by our own variable speed miniature compressor, our compact systems produce cooling capacity greater than systems ten times their size. You cannot find this level of cooling in this size package anywhere else.

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