Over 30 Years of Resolving Thermal Challenges

Aspen Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of compact, vapor compression refrigeration systems to meet the requirements of many challenging applications in a wide variety of industries. It all began in the early 1990s when we developed our own miniature, variable speed, the rotary compressor for a portable application for cooling dismounted soldiers wearing heavy protective gear while operating in high ambient temperature battlefields. By the late 1990s, we were producing small volumes of systems to cool fighter jet pilots. In the early 2000s, we built a modern, state-of-the-art, compressor manufacturing facility to produce our miniature compressors in relatively high volume (>100,000 units annually) and low cost while ensuring high reliability through a repeatable automated process. Soon after that, we developed and began manufacturing electronic cooling systems for the U.S. military’s Warfighter Information Network. A couple of short years later, we were manufacturing unique compact systems for medical aesthetics, DNA sequencers, and semiconductor manufacturing. We now supply thousands of cooling systems annually to many industry-leading equipment manufacturers for applications in medical, life science, laboratory, pharmaceutical, military, electronics, electric vehicle, lasers, and several other industries…

Our 5th Dimension Custom Compact Cooling

Aspen Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of unique cooling systems based on technology we have perfected over three decades. While our approach uses standard proven vapor compression technology, we are unmatched in offering our partners these five main advantages.

About Our Team

Aspen has a 16,000 ft2 production floor with the capability to manufacture up to 1,000 refrigeration systems per week. As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, Aspen focuses on quality and takes pride in every product we ship. Each system is thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure it meets the customer’s requirements, as well as Aspen’s own high standards for workmanship.

Customer Feedback

“Nothing we’ve encountered can match Aspen’s blend of performance and power in such a small and versatile package.”
Christopher Blodgett Welkins Medical
“As far as the product goes, it’s bulletproof. The low weight is essential for our military business. Aspen’s engineering team is outstanding.”
Peter J. Martin Ameripack

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