• Rotary Compressor for Vapor Compression Cooling

Aspen Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of miniature refrigeration systems. We developed the world’s smallest rotary compressor and have designed numerous commercial and military systems based on this technology. We work with our customers to create custom thermal solutions that integrate directly into products to minimize weight, footprint, and costs. We offer standard products which are used across a variety of industries including commercial, industrial, military, and medical.

Our Technology

Compact vapor compression refrigeration systems utilizing our miniature rotary compressor enable smaller, lighter, and more efficient thermal solutions.

Custom Solutions

Custom Sys

Aspen Systems has extensive experience with integrating our miniature refrigeration technology into compact, efficient systems to meet our customers’ requirements.



The products Aspen offers have been rigorously tested to meet the demands of today’s most challenging fields including military electronics and laser cooling.


“Nothing we’ve encountered can match Aspen’s blend of performance and power in such a small and versatile package.”

Christopher Blogett
Welkins Medical

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“Aspen is really the heart and soul of our system. And without it, we would not be able to achieve the kind of cooling power that we really needed.”

Kennan Oyen

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“As far as the product goes, it’s bulletproof. The low weight is essential for our military business. Aspen’s engineering team is outstanding”

Peter J. Martin

“We found Aspen Systems to be the ideal partner. We have the best cooling system in the industry, based on the Aspen Systems’ direct expansion cooling solutions.”

Dr. John Daly
Dominion Aesthetics

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“I’m one of the engineers here at Digital Projection that’s been working with your LCM 900 chiller. It is by far the most capable chiller for its size and out classes all other chillers / compressors I have worked with. Your system runs extremely smooth, nice job!”

John Clarkson
Digital Projection


“Aspen Systems’ liquid chiller module keeps our solar car in the race”

Prof. Brian Kamusinga
Principia College

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Vapor Compression Refrigeration Videos from Aspen

Aspen Systems Corporate Overview


Aspen Systems specializes in high performance, miniature Vapor Compression Refrigeration systems. See in the video above, a review of Aspen’s technology and capabilities (Run time: 2 min, 34 sec).

Advantages of Direct Refrigeration Cooling

Direct refrigeration cooling or direct expansion cooling offers many advantages including the highest efficiency and highest cooling power. Click the video to learn more (Run time: 1 min, 55 sec).

How Vapor Compression Refrigeration Works

Are you wondering how vapor compression refrigeration works? This educational video, uses the vapor compression refrigeration cycle diagram to explain the physics of phase change heat transfer (Run time: 3 min).

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