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Laser Marking

LNA Laser supplies industrial laser marking, laser welding and laser cutting systems as well as a range of marking accessories.  Since 2001, LNA has been an innovator in laser marking applications.

LASF Fiber Laser Marking System-Fiber Laser Marking: The model LASF laser etching machine provides a variety of useful features.  This tabletop industrial laser marking system is safety interlocked for laser safe operation.  provides the largest work area in its class.  The fiber laser, operates at 1060-1070 nm, in the near infrared.  The laser can be specified for output power in the range of 10 – 100 Watts.  Higher power lasers result typically in higher throughput.  The platform is quite versatile, where it can be fitted with X-Y-Z motorized stages for automatic part movement batch processing or a laser engraving of cylindrical parts using a spindle stage.  See the laser marking video to view how easy it is to use for product identification.

CO2 Laser Marking System-CO2 Laser Marking:  The LAS-CO2 laser engraver  incorporates a powerful, 30 Watt CO2 laser (air-cooled).  The wavelength at 10.6 µm is ideal for organics such as leather, wood and paper products.  Also, materials such as coated metals, glass and many plastics are easily processed for direct part marking.  See the CO2 marking video to view the system in action for permanent marking

Robotic Laser Marking System-Robotic Laser Marking:  For the ultimate in automation, LNA Laser provides a turn-key system using the Fanuc LR Mate 200iD robotic arm.  This advanced laser marking system can either be integrated onto a production line or supplied as a self-contained system.  Machine vision is available which greatly expands the abilities for this industrial laser marking platform.  See the robotic laser marking video for more information.

Laser Marking AccessoriesLaser Marking Accessories  LNA provides a broad range of laser marking accessories whether to extend capabilities, performance, ease of use or safety.

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