Wine Chiller


Aspen’s unique technology was used to develop a commercial product which chills wine while waiting to be served.

  • Compact, sleek design is ideal caterers and bartenders alike
  • Affordable system using standard commercial products and low-cost plastic molding
  • Chills wine to ideal serving temperature: 10°C (50°F)

System Description

Aspen worked with industry experts to identify the need for this product. Caterers serve white wine which must be cooled to draw out the flavors of the wine. Caterers desired this product to quickly dispense the wine, while maintaining it at a precise temperature, but wine vendors want the product to always show the label while being poured. This product allows the label to always be on display, while the product is being cooled.

Aspen’s refrigeration system can be placed on a counter top and easily moved to and from a venue. The system keeps the contents of the box cool and keeps the label on display.


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