Patient Thermal Management System


This system is a portable liquid chiller which provides thermally controlled (chilled and warmed) liquid to a thermal interface mat in order to combat hyperthermia and hypothermia in patients.

  • A portable thermal management system allows medics to begin treatment at the onset of injury and continue thermal regulation throughout the treatment process.
  • System provides > 300 W of cooling and 200 W of heating.
  • System weighs < 20 lbs and provides over 1 hour of continuous cooling on a single battery charge.
  • System supplies coolant from 5°C to 42°C (user selected).
  • System provides direct user feedback on patient temperature.

System Description

Aspen built prototypes for this program as part of an SBIR effort. The need for this program was borne directly from data on the mortality rates of patients when their core temperature is outside of the thermo-normal range. Maintaining a patient’s core temperature after a trauma, preventing hypothermia or hyperthermia, greatly increases the likelihood of successful recovery. The military identified the need for a portable thermal management system which could combat hypothermia and hyperthermia and begin thermal management as early in the treatment process as possible. A lightweight system which operates on batteries allows the cooling solution to be deployed as soon as medics are able to place the patient on a stretcher and continue that treatment throughout the evacuation process.


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