ECU Chill 850


Aspen’s ECU-Chill 850 expanded upon the success of the ECU-Chill 550 to extend the cooling capacity of the rugged air conditioning product

  • Provides 950 W of cooling in extreme ambient conditions
  • Uses Aspen’s 1.9 cc compressor to boost the cooling performance over the ECU-Chill 550 model while maintaining a compact, rugged layout
  • Operates in ambient environments up to 50°C
  • Provides cooling, heating, and dehumidification to enclosure air ensuring proper electronics operation
  • Protects valuable electronics and increases the reliability of communication systems in the field

System Description

Aspen’s miniaturized refrigeration technology enables high power electronics systems to be cooled effectively in hot, challenging environments. For systems that operate in mobile, hostile environments, our Environmental Control Units (ECU-Chill®) and Satellite Communications On The Move (SATCOM OTM) systems have proven effective in communications, mobile servers, and satellite communications. Our ruggedized vapor compression air conditioning systems bring the environment of a server room typical of an office building into mobile electronics enclosures.


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