DX Laser Cold Plate

DX Laser Coldplate

Laser cooling system which provides direct expansion (DX) cooling of laser module.

  • The system is integrated directly withing the customer’s system to provide the minimum size, foot print, and weight.
  • Operating up to 35°C (95°F) ambient conditions, the system provides > 250 W of cooling directly to the laser modules.
  • Two-phase heat transfer eliminates spatial temperature gradients.
  • The solution offers precise temperature control to within +/- 0.4°C

System Description

On this program, Aspen worked with the customer to define the critical performance and integration requirements of the system. Aspen and its customer decided to integrate the system directly into the customer’s chassis to minimize space, size, and cost. Aspen’s used its miniature compressor to develop a unique solution which provided excellent cooling a capacity and tight thermal regulation. A low-cost cold plate was designed to interface with the laser module that provides a high flux and good thermal spreading to maximize the temperature control.

The design focused on simplicity: minimizing the total component count in order to increase reliability and improve serviceability. Aspen designed, developed, fabricated and tested the cooling solution in 12 months. Such a rapid turnaround allowed the customer to keep their program on track and focus their efforts on the technical development of their custom laser.


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