DX Heat Pipe Laser Cooling Subsystem

DX Heat Pipe

Heat Pipes were embedded into a DX cold plate to generate uniform heat flux from 3 high power laser modules which operated at different heat loads

  • Precise thermal control at the surface of the laser modules
  • Uniform temperature distribution across the modules
  • High heat flux at the hottest module (30 W/in²)
  • Subsystem integrated directly into the customer’s chassis for the most compact and affordable solution
  • CFD modeling of heat pipes with a direct expansion cold plate streamlined the design process

System Description

Aspen worked directly with the customer on this program to develop a custom solution which fit within a compact operating space. On this program thermal uniformity, audible noise, and price were all critical to the success of the design. Maintaining a uniform temperature across the cold plate was a particular challenge because each of the laser modules dissipated a unique heat load. Aspen designed a cost effective solution which used heat pipes to spread the heat across the cold plate to increase the effective heat transfer area to the active cooling lines – maintaining low temperatures and precise thermal control.


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