Cell Processing Cold Plate

Cell Processing Cold Plate

Aspen developed a custom cold plate and chassis configuration for a laboratory cold plate used to chill fluids in cell processing applications.

  • System maintains cold plate temperatures at 3°C for 2-3 hours
  • System had a rapid pull down time to cool fluid within minutes to initiate testing quickly
  • System was used to replace a thermo-electric system which failed to meet the cooling requirement
  • Currently in low scale production

Product Description

Aspen worked with the customer to define the system requirements and system layout. Aspen developed the chassis and core of the refrigeration system, optimized the system charge and performance and conducted a full design verification for the customer.

After an initial design and prototype was accepted by the customer, Aspen responded to the customer’s request to rapidly develop production documentation and support the product in low volume manufacturing. Aspen developed appropriate build and test fixtures, work instructions, and product drawings to support the continuous life of this program. Aspen has since supported production surges on this program to meet the customer’s rapid delivery requirements.

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