Aerostat Air Conditioner


Rugged, air-cooling system developed to meet the cooling needs of an aerostat-mounted infrared camera

  • Provides 550 W of cooling in extreme ambient conditions (up to 50°C)
  • Provides cooling to the air aerostat electronics and camera enclosure to enable proper operation
  • Vibration isolation to prevent image distortion
  • Sub-ambient cooling enables 24/7 over-watch mission

System Description

Aspen’s aerostat-mounted refrigeration unit was developed to meet the need for air cooling an aerostat mounted infrared camera.  Working closely with customer’s engineers, an optimum solution was ready for production in less than two months.  Aspen sells the aerostat adapted chiller system to the camera integrator as an OEM supplier.

Aspen’s miniaturized refrigeration technology can be quickly adapted to highly specialized requirements in a wide variety of environments and applications.  The rapid development of the aerostat chiller enabled our customer to meet critical delivery deadlines of their nighttime infrared camera system and helped increase the safety of soldiers in harm’s way in Afghanistan.

In appreciation of rapid response on this effort, the Logos team sent along the following note to Aspen Systems:

Logos Thank You

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