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At Aspen, we work directly with our customers to provide custom cooling solutions which directly meet their specific requirements. Frequently, the solutions we provide are intended to meet challenging cooling requirements where thermal precision and efficiency are critical for success. Many of the systems which Aspen has developed integrate directly into the customer’s chassis, providing solutions which minimize weight, footprint, and cost. Aspen’s engineers work with our customers to define systems requirements and develop a solution which meets their specific needs.

Examples of Aspen’s success stories:


Aspen has developed cooling systems that are used across a wide variety of industries including military, industrial, commercial, medical, laser cooling, electronics cooling, personal cooling, and much more. For examples of the systems built in these industries please visit the custom solution gallery.

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Aspen specializes in the design of miniature refrigeration systems. As such, there are three primary categories of systems which implement this cooling technology: air conditioning systems, liquid chiller systems, and direct expansion systems. The benefits of each type of system is highlighted below with links to more detailed information on how Aspen can assist you with implementation of each type of system. Also more details on Aspen’s unique technology can be found here:

Aspen’s Technology


Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems use recirculated air in a sealed environment as the cooling mechanism. Aspen’s refrigeration systems remove heat from the air which is circulated through the system to cool the heat source. Air conditioning systems are ideal for cooling bulk heat loads where minimal modification to the system is desired.

Benefits: Least invasive solution, low cost.

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ECU-Chill850 Custom Cooling - Electronics Cooling


LCU Custom Cooling - Liquid Chiller System

Liquid Chiller Systems

Liquid chiller systems offer high heat transfer rates because the secondary fluid has a high thermal conductivity and specific heat. Liquid chiller systems can be quite compact because a pump circulates a coolant which offers high heat flux. Using a secondary coolant enables the size of heat exchangers to shrink, while thermal performance increases. Liquid chillers are ideal for cooling high heat flux components and in applications where a solution must be rugged and reliable.

Benefits: high heat transfer rate, compact, adaptable/configurable

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Direct Expansion Systems

Direct expansion systems typically offer the highest heat transfer rates. A direct expansion system does not use a secondary coolant, instead the refrigerant absorbs heat directly at the heat source, minimizing the size and component count of the system. Direct expansion systems can integrate directly into a system and provide very high heat fluxes at the heat source.

Benefits: highest heat transfer rate, most compact, lowest part count, uniform temperature

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Custom Cooling - Direct Expansion System


For examples of systems which Aspen has developed for our customers click on the custom gallery link below.

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