Aspen Systems Inc. Announces Introduction of an Enhanced Environmental Control Unit; ECU-Chill 550

Marlborough, MA – October 21, 2013 – Aspen Systems, Inc., a manufacturer and developer of miniaturized, refrigeration systems, has announced the introduction of its improved ECU-Chill 550 ruggedized environmental control unit.  The new and improved ECU-Chill 550, offers performance enhancements, and improved field maintainability in a lower-cost design.  New features include humidity control and the ability to drain accumulated condensate from the enclosure, improved efficiency and higher cooling capacity.   ECU-Chill 550 maintains the weight and dimensional characteristics of its predecessor enabling integration in 5U rack-mount enclosure or larger.  Initial production has been initiated with units available for delivery in December 2013.

ECU-Chill 550 is an efficient vapor compression refrigerant system based on Aspen’s miniature rotary compressor.  It is a complete, ruggedized, environmental control unit designed to manage both temperature and humidity for rack-mounted electronics.  The improved ECU-Chill design includes input from our customers for features desired in field operations.  The ECU circulates chilled or heated air inside the enclosure and rejects any heat generated to the atmosphere without direct exposure to ambient air.  ECU-Chill 550 will remove a minimum of 550 Watts of heat to maintain an internal temperature of 125°F when the ambient temperature is 125°F.  It can provide 300 Watts of heat to maintain operability in very cold environments and will maintain the relative humidity of the internal air at or below 70%RH, in warm humid environments.  The improved ECU-Chill 550 has completed qualification testing and meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-STD-810 Environment,-461 EMI, and 1275 Power Supply.

More than 1500 ECU-Chill 550 units have served with great success in Afghanistan and Iraqi operations for more than two years.  Aspen Systems has seen added interest of customers representing both existing and new program opportunities.  ECU-Chill 550 offers the benefits of being four times lighter, four times smaller, and uses 25% of the input power of competing thermoelectric module based coolers.  Aspen expects the features of the new enhanced product design will increase interest and applicability to more programs uses.

“We are pleased to announce the availability of our improved ECU-Chill 550 product.  New features included in this product enhance the functionality and performance for our customers as well as long term reliability.  The new product design includes improvements in manufacturability that enables us to be more competitive in the market.  This technology has proved successful in assisting in the protection of our forces in Afghanistan.  The system developed for inclusion into both existing and new military applications is an example of how Aspen’s ruggedized components can be quickly configured to meet stringent application requirements.” stated Glenn Deming, Vice President of Aspen Systems.  “Aspen is accepting orders now for delivery beginning in Q4, 2013.  Interested customers should contact us to hear how the ECU-Chill 550 can meet their program needs.”

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