Aspen Products Group Completes Thousand Hour Reformer Demonstration on Diesel Oil

Aspen Products Group, Inc. recently completed an important “industry-first” by successfully demonstrating long term continuous operation of a steam reformer on commercial grade diesel fuel. This accomplishment is quite significant to the fuel cell community, since almost all activity to date has been performed on premium fuels such as natural gas and methanol. The production of a hydrogen-rich gas suitable for fuel cells from petroleum distillates has historically caused premature failure due to the presence of sulfur and other contaminants that cause poisoning and deactivation of catalysts. The APG demonstration involved steam reforming of a high sulfur diesel fuel for more than 1,000 hours over 41 days without any maintenance of the processor. There was no measurable performance degradation at the end of the test, and the operation could have been sustained much longer if required.

Aspen Systems
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