• Rotary Compressor for Vapor Compression Cooling

Aspen Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of miniature refrigeration systems. We developed the world’s smallest rotary compressor and have designed numerous commercial and military systems based on this technology. We work with our customers to create custom thermal solutions that integrate directly into products to minimize weight, footprint, and costs. We offer standard products which are used across a variety of industries including commercial, industrial, military, and medical.

Our Technology

Compact vapor compression refrigeration systems utilizing our miniature rotary compressor enable smaller, lighter, and more efficient thermal solutions.

Custom Solutions

Custom Sys

Aspen Systems has extensive experience with integrating our miniature refrigeration technology into compact, efficient systems to meet our customers’ requirements.



The products Aspen offers have been rigorously tested to meet the demands of today’s most challenging fields including military electronics and laser cooling.



Aspen Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company